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Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food - Products - Flakes, Disks and Pellets

As time has gone by I have continuously added new foods. If you do not see the food you are looking for today, please check back with me at a later time. Feel free to send me an e-mail if you would like to inquire about the possibility of me offering a particular food type. Keep in mind, I am not a large corporation - I am a hobbyist who has great foods for my own fish and because I feel so strongly about it, I'm offering it to other hobbyists such as yourself. There are a few foods I have in mind to offer down the road but they will come in due time. I'm not yet retired so there is another job that takes priority!!

Over and above the quantities you see here, large bulk quantities are also available. Keep in mind that it might take an extra week or two to complete a special order for you. If you are attracted to a large bulk purchase, please send me an e-mail and let me know what you are interested in.

As stated earlier, the food I offer is in vacuum sealed packages - up to one pound bags. If you order 5 pounds, you receive 5 one-pound vacuum sealed packages. If you order a large bulk quantity (anything more then 5 pounds), it is NOT vacuum sealed. It is put into a regular large plastic bag, actually double or triple bagged, boxed and shipped to you. It will be up to you to package it anyway you see fit.

All ingredients are reflected in order of prevalence according to the various categories which have been described on the ingredients page.

I want to take a moment of your time and give you a brief couple of paragraphs on shipping expenses - especially those individuals who really try to maximize on their shipping expenses. Most shippers weigh items extremely accurately and charge by the pound. For a one pound purchase, you will be charged at a 2 pound shipping weight. The reason is that although you are ordering one pound of food, you have to add in the weight of the vacuum seal material, any other shipping materials and then the box it is all being shipped in. These are the items you need to keep in mind when ordering. To maximize on your shipping, you may want to order some extra food to take advantage of the extra shipping expenses you are already paying for. Likewise, you may want to order a little less for the same reason.

Just for example, if you are ordering a combination of foods that comes to a total of 3 pounds, you will be paying for 4 pounds shipping expense. I'd suggest ordering an extra ½ pound of food(s). Your shipping will still be the same, 4 pounds. On the flip side of this same scenario, you could cut your order short by ½ pound - just order 2½ pounds and be charged for just 3 pounds.

The shipping expense for the extra pound is minimal to say the least. However, just as a little tip to those hobbyists who may not have considered the "extra pound" scenario, it is something you may want to consider to maximize to the fullest, and to your advantage, your shipping charges. Mayhaps you might consider ordering a ¼ pound of a food or two that you have never tried before to take advantage of the shipping charges that you are already paying for anyhow.

Personally, when I mail order items, I order exactly what I want and just let the shipping charges fall where they might but I realize there are some individuals out there who really take things like this into consideration. Hence, these last several paragraphs have been geared towards you and in a way, mayhaps enlightened others of us who had never considered maximizing our shipping charges.

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