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Welcome fellow hobbyists! If you have read through my web site, you will realize that I am a strong proponent of hobbyists helping hobbyists. It is for this reason that I have set up my links page in the manner that I have.

You will not find links here to commercial sites, manufacturing sites, local fish stores, breeders, etc. Everyone knows who they are and how to contact them.

Instead, I have only listed links to sites that in my humble opinion can be considered amongst the best equipped to provide valuable help, aid and assistance to today's hobbyists - virtually immediately and many times 24 x 7. Those sites are the aquarium forum sites and local fish clubs. I don't believe there is any place better for today's hobbyists to look for assistance in learning the ins and outs of the hobby as well as to get immediate help and/or answers to a question or problem.

These are also wonderful sites to gain knowledge and expertise as you continue to grow in the hobby. These sites are also a great way to meet new "fishy" friends who have the same "fishy" interests as you.

It would definitely be advantageous for you to join one or two of these forum sites and/or an aquarium club in your local area and become an active and participating member. You have absolutely nothing to lose BUT everything to gain!!!

Would you like to be a part of my Internet Links community?? If so, please contact me for further information. Thanks.

Forum Sites

Badmans Tropical Fish

No Clowns in a Cube

Too Many Tanks

Rainbow Fish Forum

Goldfish and Aquariums Board (GAB)

About Fish Online Tropical and Saltwater Fish

Aquarium Fish Hobbyist

Local Fish Clubs

AZ      Arizona Rivulin Keepers

CO      Colorado Aquarium Society

DE      Delaware Reef Club

DE      Diamond State Aquarium Society

IA        Eastern Iowa Aquarium Association

NC      Raleigh Aquarium Society

OH      CAFE - Columbus Area Fish

OK      Oklahoma Aquarium Association

PA      Delaware County Aquarium Society

PA      Aquarium Club of Lancaster County

PA      Bucks County Aquarium Society

PA      Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society

USA   North American Native Fishes Association

USA   Rocky Mountain Guppy Association


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