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Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food

"Almost Natural Tropical Fish Foods" are offered by a true-blue tropical fish hobbyist for the other tropical fish hobbyists out there in the world who would rather go the extra mile and feed their fish a top quality tropical fish flake. This tropical fish food is hobbyist to hobbyists driven. One hobbyist helping other hobbyists. After looking at the ingredients and then the prices, you will see that it is being sold at extremely reasonable prices to you, the hobbyist.

Offered here is a top quality "Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food" which I feed to my own fish. In my humble opinion, I am feeding a top quality product at prices that are far less then anything you or I could purchase elsewhere considering the ingredients. The bottom line is that I am no longer being selfish and keeping these flake foods and pellets to myself. I'm making it available and offering it to other hobbyists to feed to their tropical fish. As I said, this is truly a hobbyist to hobbyist driven offer.

For the many reasons that were explained to me, in the information contained herein, I will not try to convince you why I feel "Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food" tropical fish flakes and pellets are some of the best available. I will not attempt to convince you to purchase "Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food" versus tropical fish foods offered by another person and/or company. I will not try to convince you to assume my personal feelings about tropical fish foods that are made mostly with fish meal, soy meal, shrimp meal, this meal, that meal plus numerous other types of fillers. I will not attempt to downplay or downgrade any other person's and/or company's tropical fish flakes.

What I will point out to you, however, is what I consider to be all of the important information concerning the "Almost Natural Tropical Fish Foods" and simply allow you to draw your own conclusions from your own comparisons.

I would recommend that if you are trying to purchase a top quality tropical fish food, that you search the Web and try each and every tropical fish food that YOU deem to be of top quality and of top nutritional value for at least 2 months. If indeed you follow this recommendation, I'd ask that you include "Almost Natural Tropical Fish Foods" in those tropical fish foods that you try. When deciding which tropical fish food(s) you will continue using, let your fishes' overall health, condition, growth rate and color be your guide.

The remainder of this page contains several multi-food reviews I have received. Although I do have a section of this web site dedicated to customer reviews of my individual foods, these reviews couldn't be put under any one particular fish food. Hence, I decided to put them here on my "Introduction" page. Enjoy, and a big thank you to Mary, Dale and Tom, for taking the time to write these totally un-solicited honest reviews on the use of my foods in general.

"I have been toying around with writing this review for some time. I cannot revise my reviews on Ed's site, but thought that having been using this food for over a year that I'd like to share my positive thoughts about it."

"There is a story behind why I feed my fish like I do. In February through May 2006, about 9 months after setting it up, my tank was hit with some mysterious wasting away disease. It was heartbreaking watching the fish get ill and die one by one. They did not respond to any treatments, the water parameters and stocking was good, and this disease appeared suddenly and affected each type of fish differently. The gouramis died of bloat, the tetras and rainbowfish wasted away, an adf developed bacterial skin lesions with secondary fungal infection. At a loss, and not wanting to see the entire tank die, I looked at what I was feeding them. It was mainly flake and dried food at the time. So out of desperation, I did some research on fish nutrition and immune function and decided to battle this disease from the inside out and overhauled their diets. I bought small quantities of the highest quality brands I could find, and added frozen foods, live blackworms, and fresh veggies to their diets. My concern was to get as many vitamins and nutrients into their systems as possible, so I threw the worry of overfeeding to the wind and decided that fasting them for a day or two a week would prevent that. I discarded unused flakes routinely at 3 months, because of the shelf life, and not knowing how long the ingredients sat before processing, and the containers of food sat in factories, warehouses and finally on store shelves before coming home to my fish. Finally after struggling for weeks, my fish which did not respond to any other treatment stopped falling ill and dying."

"When Ed's food was offered in a contest by the owner of a year later in May of 2007 I was lucky enough to win a free sample. I was thrilled with the scent, color, texture and packaging of the food. I was so happy with the sample that I kept on buying Ed's food and now keep almost every flavor on hand. I feed the full spectrum of Ed's variety as I do with frozen foods. I think that variety is as important as the quality of the food. I do not worry about the "shelf life" of Ed's food, as I did with other foods, so I use it all and don't throw any out. It is made from fresh ingredients, packaged immediately and stored in a refrigerator or freezer before getting sent out to you. Ed can probably tell you when your food was made if you want to know. And don't worry if you run out of food and you need it now. Fast your fish for a day or two, Ed is quick, he sends it out the next day and the food normally gets to me in a couple of days. Once you get it and open it, if you keep it stored in the refrigerator in packaging that is relatively air tight, it will maintain the majority of its nutritional value. I keep mine in old fish food containers, and any additional unused portions stay in the original sealed baggies and sleeves in a closed Tupperware container in the refrigerator, as well."

"Over the past year I have written and posted the individual reviews of these foods, but felt that an overall review was in order. I have been amazed at the overall health, color and growth of the fish. I have noticed that many species seem to be reaching their maximum sizes. And recently had friends from Badman's over who were both pretty impressed by the size of my fish. It was interesting having others confirm the fact that I had only suspected. My fish, many which are still considered juveniles and are growing at a relatively quick rate, are already near their "maximum" sizes. And fish never stop growing, they grow at an "accelerated" pace until they reach adulthood and then continue to slowly gain bulk and size throughout the rest of their lives. I am hoping that those who have seen my fish and those that I've had to rehome some of them to will comment about their overall size and health."

"The second issue I wanted to address is that my fish started breeding like crazy. I do feed Quatro, a breeder's conditioning flake that Ed no longer offers, as well as, the Brine Shrimp Flakes and Earthworm Flakes as part of the staple diet. One night I will feed the Quatro, along with Super Green Flakes, and Freshwater Flakes. The next flake night I will feed the Brine Shrimp Flakes and Earthworm Flakes along with Super Green Flakes and Freshwater Flakes. The bottom feeders get the Algae Discs and Shrimp Pellets. I have to say that I have discovered fry from everything but the loaches in the tanks, so far. Now, certain fish breed like crazy, there is no stopping them anyway, but I have had the pleasant surprise of harder to spawn tetras, killifish, and bettas produce young that managed to reach adulthood in the community tanks. I am hoping that patience and the continued use of Ed's foods will bring about loach spawns eventually. Only time will tell."

"Bottom line is that I think the food Ed produces is the best you can buy. I only wish that I had long term photo evidence of the appearance of my fish before using his food and since using it. Sadly, I don't. But I do have a tank of healthy fish that are thriving. Fish that I no longer worry about getting sick or dying. A totally stable tank with pets that I am happy to say will be with me for many years to come, and will probably live out their life expectancies. I am so happy that I gave Ed's food a try, and hope that everyone else that tries it continues to use it for the sake of their fish."

"Take care, Mary Duros, U.S.A. - July 2008"

"I am thrilled with the quality of your products, after purchasing an assortment several months ago."

"My most problematic fish was my Fresh Water Puffer. He would only eat live or frozen foods with the exception of FD Blood Worms."

"On the first feeding of your Breeder Delight Trio Flakes, he was eating flake food for the first time...a miracle! Next I tried the Super Color Flakes (mostly Salmon) and he devoured them; they are now his favorite."

"This problematic eater also enjoys the Breeder Delight Beef Heart Flakes and your Freshwater Flakes, plus your Freeze Dried Tubifex Worms, Freeze Dried Krill and Freeze Dried Blood Worms. I no longer bother with any frozen or live foods and all of my fish are brighter and breeding even more. It's great to avoid the hassle and cost of frozen and live food."

"Thank you for your special efforts to get my Canadian order to me efficiently and economically it arrived 4 days after!"

"Your client for life, Dale Olson, Canada - November 2009"

"Just wanted to let the populace know that I've been a continued and valued customer of Ed's fine tropical fish foods for several years now and I can't speak for my fish, but if they could, they would recommend all his find gourmet blends to all tropical and marine fishkeepers. They have never shy'd away from all his products and devour them with abandon. Since on Ed's special foods the coloring and sizes of all my tropicals have continued to amaze me. I've not lost one fish since using his products and highly recommend them to all."

"I currently feed small cichlid pellets; green and algae based veggie flakes; earthworm flakes and pellets; mysis freeze dried foods and shrimp pellets as well as algae discs. All the disk and pellets sink save for the small cichlid pellets which does not stop my HRP from eating from the top level of the tank."

"I really can't express enough thanks to Ed for his continued support for the tropical fish community and wish him well for his additional fish food products going forward. Well worth the minimal investment and your fish will love you for using them."

"P.S. Ed's foods will never cloud your water and who else can claim that their products are all natural given the freshest seafood and veggie based ingredients. No that's NO filler !!"

"Tom Humienny, U.S.A. - December 2009"

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