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Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food - History - How it all started

"Almost Natural Frozen Tropical Fish Food" is what I call the food that I have been making for years. It has changed over the years to the point that I am using 99% fresh and natural seafood. Made in 35 to 50 pound quantities at a time (which is all I can fit into my kitchen freezer), the major ingredients include, but are not limited to, eight (8) different types of fresh fish plus additional fresh sea life such as shrimp, octopus and clams. My own "Almost Natural Frozen Fish Food" as I call it. Anyone who has been to my home and seen my fish can attest to the fact of how great this food has been for them. The tremendous size they put on at such a young age and the colors are both astounding, not to mention the overall health of the fish. I attribute it to my homemade "Almost Natural Frozen Fish Food".

All of my "Almost Natural Frozen Fish Food" food is made with fresh natural seafood - all natural ingredients - there are no fillers in this food - NONE what-so-ever!!! The various types of fresh seafood are the top 18 ingredients! It contains the essential 6 highly unsaturated fatty acids and natural wild beta-carotenes in silver, red, blue and yellow. It is chock-full of natural proteins as well as two handfuls of different vitamins - both naturally contained in the ingredients PLUS I add vitamins which I acquire from a Tropical Fish Nutritionalist.

Over the years I have been asked quite often by many other tropical fish hobbyists at my local aquarium club, as well as hobbyists from local pet stores, to sell my frozen food, but I have never done so - nor do I intend to start.

However, with basically all of the same ingredients, I am proud to offer "Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food" in flake and pellet form to other hobbyists. I started out by offering these tropical flakes to members of my local aquarium society. Word spread quickly and other members of nearby aquarium clubs started to purchase it also. Word continued to spread and now I have shipped this food around the globe - and all by word of mouth! I finally decided to take the plunge and offer it on the internet to hobbyists virtually anywhere.

Other tropical fish foods say they are good - and there is no doubt about it - some are. The "Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food" is great and provides optimum health and natural colors to your fish!! The food is enclosed in vacuum-sealed packages, is guaranteed fresh and will not cloud your water.

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