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Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food - Freshness and Quality

My goal in finally deciding to offer "Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food" to friends and fellow hobbyists is to offer a high quality tropical fish food at extremely reasonable prices. This goes back to my earlier statement of hobbyists helping hobbyists.

All of the foods I offer are made fresh monthly (or sooner if needed). If you have not yet read the ingredients section, please take a minute to read that first.

The amount of food that I have on hand at any point in time is pretty much based upon the previous month orders. There is absolutely no time (hours and/or days) lost during the food making process. From fresh ingredients to a finished product, once started, the process is continuous until it's completed. You can absolutely not get any fresher tropical fish food - you just can't.

By storing in vacuum sealed bags, none of the natural nutrition, proteins and vitamins is lost to the air and/or the stuff in the air getting to it. Many of the store packaged fish foods can get wormy after a year or so - depending upon how old the food actually is because of how long it sat in a warehouse and/or store shelf before you purchased it. That will not happen with the vacuum sealed method I use. Once bagged, the food is stored in a cool place until ordered. It will actually retain 100% of its freshness for at least 5 or 6 years. I can say that from first hand experience. When I first started selling the "Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food" flakes, I purposely put aside 3 vacuum sealed bags. After 5 years, one was opened and after testing, it was as good as the day it was first sealed. The other two bags remain sealed to this day and will be opened in future years to test its "day number one" freshness.

In my humble opinion, all of the aforementioned information adds up to one of the freshest and highest quality tropical fish foods that money can buy.

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