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Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food
Post Office Box 101
Glenolden, Pennsylvania 19036

Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food - A "fish" bio of Ed

Hello fellow hobbyists. Welcome to my web site. I'd like to tell you a little about me and my fish background.

I have been involved in the tropical fish hobby since early childhood. Back then I kept guppies, swordtails, mollies and various other livebearers. During college and for a few years thereafter, I took a hiatus from the hobby. I had the wonderful experience of becoming a Dad to my daughter and son. While they were in their early childhood, I bought them each a wrought iron stand and two ten-gallon tanks for their bedrooms. I was back into the hobby! Since that time I have also acquired my own aquariums and currently maintain 24 tanks ranging in size from 10 to 150 gallons.

Over the years I have kept many kinds of tropical fish and have fed them all the same tropical fish foods that I am offering to you. Some day I'd like to start up a hatchery and retire into breeding tropical fish and sharing them with local fish stores and other tropical fish hobbyists. That thought is what got me into converting to flake food versus the much higher cost of my frozen food in the first place. I currently am keeping, and in some cases breeding apistogrammas, various discus, raphael catfish, numerous cory catfish, different barbs, assorted tetras, a variety of rainbows, a couple strains of guppies, a mixture of danios, and six different kinds of freshwater shrimp.

I am an active member of the Delaware County Aquarium Society (DCAS) which meets in Springfield, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. DCAS is my "home" or "#1" club and the one I am most active and involved in. It is located in the southwest suburbs of Philadelphia. I am also a member of the Diamond State Aquarium Society and attend meetings on a somewhat regular basis. Diamond State meets in New Castle, Delaware. Other clubs in my general area I sometimes attend, but am not a member of, include the Mid-Atlantic Cichlid Keepers and the Bucks County Aquarium Society. There is also the Aquarium Club of Lancaster County and the Keystone Killie Club but I have not yet attended either one of their meetings. One day though. . . . .

I have written numerous articles geared toward the beginner tropical fish hobbyist. Several of them were published in "Tropical Fish Hobbyist" magazine between 2000 and 2002. For six years I wrote the same type of articles for DCAS and a new article appeared in the club's monthly publication, the FinFax, every single month over that time. Many of those same articles were also reprinted in numerous publications of other clubs across the country and also in Canada. This goes back to my hobbyists helping other hobbyists mind set that I discussed previously.

Speaking of those articles, they are available on this web site in a book format. I created an index of what, in my own mind, a beginner's tropical fish book should include and wrote all of my articles based upon that same index. Hence I ended up with a beginner's book that is also a good reference for intermediate hobbyists and a very good mind jogger for the long-time hobbyists. I have listed the index elsewhere on this web site - check it out - it is chock-full of valuable information! If you know of someone or you yourself are a beginner or intermediate hobbyist, you might want to consider getting a copy to learn from and/or to help assist and guide you.

I have been making my own Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food in a frozen format since approximately 1991. It was approximately 2000 when I converted to flakes and since 2003 I have been offering them to members of my local aquarium societies. In March of 2007, I fired up this web site to offer Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food to all of the hobbyists out there in the general public.

I am offering the Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food strictly as an experienced hobbyist that has something real good to offer to my fellow hobbyists. The best part is that it is being offered virtually at cost. Hobbyists helping other hobbyists, as I call it. I truly believe that in order for today's tropical fish hobby to thrive, rather then just survive, experienced hobbyists should do whatever they can to help other hobbyists succeed in the hobby. In an effort to do my part, I am offering great aquarium bog wood and exceptional fish foods to all hobbyists out there. The prices are far below what you could purchase them for elsewhere - especially for the same high quality ingredients.

Enjoy it everyone!

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