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Show Piece Quality Louisianna Bog Wood


* Pre-cleaned and Sterilized. * Waterlogged for immediate use - it sinks itself. * No awkward base attached to hold it down. * This is not just a chunk of wood. * It will not turn the water dark. * Each centerpiece is unique and show quality with lots of natural color and character! * Some of the centerpiece attributes of these pieces include, but certainly not limited to, arches, branches, holes, caves, hollows, etc. * Individual pieces other than centerpieces are also available - lots of character but not show quality centerpieces.


All bog wood is water logged so it sinks naturally as it has been collected from under the water. Once collected, it is put through a vigorous cleaning process as well as a process to remove any bacteria and parasites which might have existed. Once this process is completed, it is kept underwater in large vaults. The filtration system contains UV Sterilization. These pieces are truly ready and safe for you to drop right into your aquarium the moment you receive them. This is meant to be the main ornamental attraction in your aquarium. Use a combination of sizes to make a superb natural environment.

How to order:

You simply give me:
1) The measurements of your aquarium - height, width, and length
2) Any top braces on the aquarium? If so, how many?
3) Give me an idea of what type of piece you are looking for. A bulky, branchy piece, an arching piece, a hollow piece, a tree trunk type of piece, just something large and bulky with character, etc.

Pieces are shipped to me upon request directly from down south. For them to dive and locate the type of piece you are looking for might take a few days or up to a week. Once found, the piece goes through the aforementioned cleaning and sterilizing process. After a couple days minimum, the piece is pulled out of the sterilized vaults, put into a sealed plastic bag, and then boxed and shipped. Shipping takes two to four days. When I receive your piece(s), I'll e-mail an invoice to you, including shipping charges, that you can pay through PayPal using your PayPal account OR a major credit card if you do not have a PayPal account set up. Once the invoice is paid, your bog wood will be shipped out to you on the next business day OR the following Monday if we can agree to that. For a further explanation of this please be sure to read the "Important Information for you BEFORE Ordering" section below.

Please note: the prices below do not include shipping charges. Remember these pieces are water logged and can be much heavier then you might imagine. Of course, the heavier it is, the more the shipping charges will be.

Size and Price per Piece Information:

Centerpiece Size #1 Fits 10 to 15 gallon aquarium $30 - $40
Centerpiece Size #2 Fits 15 to 30 gallon aquarium $40 - $50
Centerpiece Size #3 Fits 30 to 55 gallon aquarium $50 - $75
Centerpiece Size #4 Fits 55 to 100 gallon aquarium $75 - $100
Centerpiece Size #5 Fits 100 to 150 gallon aquarium $100 and up!

Assorted Individual Pieces: (lots of character but not show quality centerpieces)

Priced according to size (average sizes range up to approximately 2 feet, with some being even longer) and the prices are generally in the $20 - $30 range with the longer ones being in the $40's or higher.

These sizes are priced directly from the suppliers' prices. Price variance is at the discretion of the supplier - I have nothing to do with it. If you have ever priced this show quality type of centerpiece in the stores, if you can even find them, you know that they sell for approximately double (if not more) the above prices. These are wholesale/supplier prices which are being passed along to you. I am a firm believer in hobbyists helping hobbyists and in passing this bog wood along to you at virtually cost. I'm just trying to do my part to help the hobby in general and if you order any of this bog wood, you in particular!

A Suggestion for Some of You:

I live in the southern suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I generally only have one or two large to extra large showpieces on hand at any given point in time. However, I generally have a couple dozen of the Assorted Individual Pieces on hand most of the time. If you are interested in acquiring assorted individual pieces of bog wood and in the area or within a 2 to 2½ hour drive away, it would truly pay you to drive here and see the assorted individual pieces for yourself and just select from them.

Every single piece is so unique it is rather difficult to describe and do it justice at the same time. Every time you turn a piece on its side its appearance changes. You can make one piece look like several totally different pieces simply by changing the viewing angle. Some pieces you can stand on end which gives you a couple more seemingly different pieces. I honestly cannot tell you how many times tropical fish hobbyists have driven here only to express how happy they were that they did. Despite all of the description I have mentioned previously about this wood, seeing it person still makes many a mouth drop in awe. Trust me - I've seen it many, many times!!!

Important Information for you BEFORE Ordering:

Before ordering any of this bog wood, make sure your aquarium is full of water and ready to receive the bog wood. In the event your aquarium is not ready, make sure you have some type of container that you can fill with water to place your wood into. The reason I say this is because this wood cannot, cannot, cannot be allowed to dry out. If this wood is left to dry out, it will never, never, never sink again. I ship it to you fully waterlogged and wrapped in several sealed plastic bags. It will be fine for the 2, 3 or 4 days it takes to ship to you, but once received, it must be unpacked and immediately placed into water. By the way, I do this when I receive the wood, even if I will be shipping it out to you the next day. If you are in agreement with me, I will keep the wood here for a couple extra days if need be and ship it out to you on the following Monday. I prefer shipping on Mondays so there is no weekend layover somewhere in the back of a truck or a corner of some warehouse. You and I can discuss this further once you decide to place an order.

Are you ready to order??

Contact me with your information at:

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