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Aquarium Basic Concepts

As mentioned on the "contact" page of my web site, here is the collection of individual articles I wrote for the monthly FinFax, which is the monthly publication of the Delaware County Aquarium Society. These articles have been organized into a book format. They have all been written with the beginner hobbyist in mind however all hobbyists, be they a beginner or experienced hobbyist would find the articles contained herein useful and/or interesting reading. That especially holds true as the articles get more involved as the book progresses.

Just to give you a small sampling of the book, click here for the first 17 pages, which includes the introduction, the index and the first 2 articles. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Copies of the entire book are available for you to download. I trust that you will enjoy reading it and that it greatly helps, aids and assists all tropical fish hobbyists.

Aquarium Basic Concepts - An Aquarium Guide for Beginners

NOTE: I am currently reformatting the book as I am in the process of adding several additional articles to it which were inadvertently omitted from the original collection. This will take some time as I am very busy with my regular job, hence the book cannot be downloaded at this time. Please register as a member of this web site and once the book is available for downloading, I'll send an e-mail to notify you. I expect to have it completed and ready to be downloaded sometime in the next couple of months. I'm sorry to delay this but it will make for a more complete book. Thank you for your understanding.



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